CURA service provision ceased on 15 June 2018. 

Cura have asked that parishes be notified of their closure and that all relevant CURA material be removed from Church porches and other parish premises. 

Cura expressed its appreciation for all support received by CURA from parishes and Dioceses over its 41 years of operation.

A copy of the statement from CURA in relation to its wind down is attached.


“I am conscious today of all the people who were part of Cura in Kerry through the years.

And also of all the people who used their services.

So much compassion, so much care, so much practical assistance to people in their hour of need.

Thank God for all that Cura has achieved over the years.

Cura was truly pro-life.

I hope the accompanying statement gives some insight into the reasons why Cura is closing.”     

Bishop Ray

Cura Kerry was established in 1977 as a caring service for all women who are unhappily pregnant and to anyone affected by this crisis. CURA Kerry, was situated in Tralee to provide support for all of Kerry Diocese. It was a voluntary, non-directive counselling, information and referral service, offering support and practical assistance to any vulnerable woman who felt under threat because of a pregnancy.

This support was offered irrespective of marital status or religious affiliation, and any person contacting CURA was  helped with the many services  offered on a completely free and confidential basis. This confidentiality was the cornerstone of the work.

Counselling After an Abortion

Cura provided counselling and support after an abortion, even many years after an abortion took place, and for as long as was needed. They also offer counselling and support for men and other family members. Cura counsellors were specially trained in this area and all services were free of charge, confidential, non-judgemental and were available nationwide.