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October…Deire Fomhair 2019

 Extraordinary Month of Mission… ‘Together  We Are Mission’  Pope Francis

"The Amazon is at the heart of the Church" Pope Francis
Pope Francis in Puerto Maldonado, Peru- the gateway to the Amazon 19 Jan. 2018

1st September – 4th October: SEASON of CREATION…Séasur na Cruthaithe in the Diocese of Kerry and around the world.

Our theme for this year has been Climate Crisis. 11 years to save our Common Home.

Remembering the words of Pope Francis “The climate crisis requires our decisive action, here and now and the Church is fully committed to plating here part.”

Have you taken up any of the suggested actions in the leaflet sent to all parishes Climate crisis JPIC 2019, in the areas of Energy, Water or Waste during the Season of Creation? If so keep them up!


1 October/ Deire Fómhair

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus/St. Teresa of Lisieux. ’The Little Flower’

“The Lord led her and taught her and kept her as the apple of his eye” Deut. 32

Action: What simple or little things can we do today to make our world a better place, offer a prayer, a smile, pick up a piece of litter, enjoy this God- given day. Come along or walk in a quiet way around your own area, garden or wood.


3 October/Deire Fómhair

National Tree Day/Lá na gCrann

Tetra Pak Tree Day is organised each year by the Tree Council of Ireland with the support of its members and the Green-Schools and has been sponsored by Tetra Pak for over twenty years, in association with Avonmore School Milk.        Theme: “Be Planet Positive!”.

Each year a different native tree is highlighted on Tetra Pak Tree Day and this year it is the turn of the Irish native Spindle or Euonymus europaea.The campaign is all about thinking twice about the things we do and use everyday and making better choices for the environment.

Action: Plant a tree, hug a tree, walk in the woods. Give thanks for God’s creation


4 October/Deire Fómhair  The close of ‘Season of Creation’.

The Feast of St Francis of Assisi: Praised be you …Laudato Si’

Action: Consider taking time to read a page or two of the Pope Francis’ Letter ‘Laudato Si’   eg paragraph 211 and then take up one or two of the little actions the Pope suggests such as separating refuse, reducing water consumption. Take the Laudato Si’ pledge to 1) pray for and with creation, 2) live more simply and 3) advocate to protect our common home

The campaign is all about thinking twice about the things we do and use everyday and making better choices for the environment.

Action: Plant a tree, hug a tree, walk in the woods. Give thanks for God’s creation


5 October/Deire Fómhair:

Blessing of Pets (Tralee)

3.30pm in the carpark beside outside St. John’s Church, Castle Street, Tralee.

Action: Bring your pet or animal along for a blessing.


6 October/ Deire Fómhair    

Opening of the Synod on the Amazon

A Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will take place in Rome from the 6th to the 27th October on the theme of “Amazonia, new paths for the Church and for an integral ecology”.

It is a way for the Church to listen to the people of the Amazon, and respond with them to the devastation facing them and their environment.

Action: Let us imagine ourselves in the Amazon forest walking alongside the indigenous people and with Jesus, accompanying us. We ask God for the grace to see with our eyes and heart the experience of the Amazonian people and all creation in this territory today.Imagine the scene: the landscape, the sounds, the vegetation, the water, the animals… the Indigenous communities living in the Amazon basin, their relationship with the land, water, animals, their culture and wisdom; the logging, burning, mining, agriculture and other forms of exploitation of the Amazon basin currently going on; the way the indigenous communities experience the land and its current exploitation and the way the Church is trying to be present to these realities.



7 October/ Deire Fómhair

Our Lady of the Rosary

May we imitate what the mysteries contain, and obtain what they promise….

Action: Reflect on the Sorrowful Mysteries today and reach out, like Veronica, to help those you meet. Luke 23


9 October/Deire Fomhair

Yom Kippur (Jewish)is the Day of Atonement-the most solemn day of the Jewish year.It is observed with strict fasting and ceremonial repentence.

Action: Pray for Jewish people all over the world


15 October/Deire Fómhair

St. Teresa of Avila

‘Christ has no body on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours; yours are the eyes through which to look with Christ’s compassion on the world, yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good, and yours are his hands with which to bless us now’.St. Teresa

Action: Take time to be with someone in need today: your neighbour, someone bereaved or lonely, young or old.


17 October/Deire Fómhair

Mission Month Justice Talk:  Together We Are Mission  Alan Kerins ,  Former Galway GAA dual star and humanitarian will to present the annual Mission Talk @8pm in St John’s Parish Centre, Castle Street, Tralee, Free. A special word of welcome to all who have worked abroad and those now in Ireland from other countries Everyone is Welcome…. Fáilte roimh gach duine.

Action: Why not come along!


UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Theme: “Acting together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty”

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on 20 November 1989. This landmark human rights treaty sets out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child, regardless of their race, religion or abilities.

In particular, the Convention recognizes the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. Poverty hurts children’s development and, in turn, leads to lower income and health in adulthood. When child poverty is recognized as a denial of children’s human rights then people in positions of responsibility and power are legally bound to promote, protect and fulfil children’s rights. Above all, it is imperative to recognize and address the specific discriminations experienced by the girl child.

Action: Consider one small action you and your family could do.


18 October/Deire Fómhair

EU Anti-Human Trafficking Day

The yearly EU Anti-Trafficking Day on 18 October makes both policymakers and the general public reflect upon the response to trafficking in human beings in Europe.

Pope Francis has described human trafficking as modern slavery and one of the greatest threats to the global common good and “an open wound on the body of contemporary society”.

Action: Don’t close your eyes to Human Trafficking. Learn more about it


20 October/Deire Fómhair

Mission Sunday…. This year’s World Mission Sunday theme, ‘Together We Are Mission’, is a message for everyone. As Pope Francis said in his World Mission Sunday message, ‘I am a mission, always; you are a mission, always; every baptised man and woman is a mission.’ This goes to the heart of our baptismal call. It also challenges the idea that mission work is solely done by missionaries, by asking people to consider the part their own missionary hearts can play in changing the lives of others.

“Mission is not just a matter of doing things for people. It is first of all a matter of being with people, of listening and sharing with them”. Donal Dorr

Action: What can you do for missionaries today? On this Sunday, in a special way, we celebrate the work of nearly 1,300 Irish born missionaries and all missionaries throughout the world. We thank God for them, for all who support them in our own country and during mission month we unite ourselves in prayer with them and with the communities with whom they work. During this Extraordinary Month of Mission, World Mission Sunday will take place over the weekend of Sunday 20th October. Throughout the month, there are many, many ways you can show your support – be it through action, giving or prayer. 

Now think about where YOU are called to be that missionary, to break new ground and to work on a new frontier

The Extraordinary Month of Mission Prayer

Heavenly Father, when your only begotten Son Jesus Christ rose from the dead, He commissioned His followers to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ and you remind us that through our Baptism we are made sharers in the mission of the Church. Empower us by the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be courageous and zealous in bearing witness to the Gospel, so that the mission entrusted to the Church, which is still very far from completion, may find new and efficacious expressions that bring life and light to the world. Help us make it possible for all peoples to experience the saving love and mercy of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.

Amazon bird
In the Amazon…