This Month

February/ Feabhra 2019

Gabhaim molta Bríde…I am praising Brigid


1 February/Feabhra

St. Brigid, Muire Na nGael/First day of Spring in Ireland
Brigid, a woman of prayer, leadership & compassion

Action: Collect some rushes & make a St. Brigid’s cross for your home, car, classroom or /and office.Gather a group and show and learn how to do it too especially with newcomers  to Ireland.

Visit another helpful website


2 February/Feabhra

Presentation of the Lord/Candlemas Day/ Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life when we honour Christ as the Light of the Nations.

“and the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to his temple..” Malachi 3:1

Action: Bring candles to mass for a blessing or gift candles for the altar to your local parish.

ImbolicCross–quarter day (halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox) marks the return of the light and the transformation within us from an inner contemplative focus towards outer manifestation.

Action: Mark the returning light of spring by visiting someone who is ill or lonely, then share the light of Christ in a moment of silence in the light of your blessed candle.


3 February/Feabhra

Feast of St. Blaise

Traditionally a day to have your throat blessed against illness.

Action:Have your throat blessed and be a VOICE for justice in your locality.

Be a voice against the trafficking of women and children (see below)



8 February/Feabhra

Feast Day of Saint Josephine Bakhita

Day of Prayer and Reflection on Human Trafficking (established by Pope Francis)

Josephine from Sudan was trafficked into slavery but ultimately was freed and became a nun in Italy. Now her name is used for houses of shelter for women rescued from human trafficking in various parts of the world.

Action: Pray for the women men and children caught up in this slavery today, and open your eyes here at home as sadly, we know that it occurs  in Ireland too. Learn more


11 February/Feabhra

Our Lady of Lourdes-World Day of the Sick

If anyone of you is ill…. anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord and pray over them. James 5

Action: Join your parish community in praying for all who are sick in body, mind or spirit and  then bring the healing presence of Christ with you as you visit a sick relative or friend.


Feast of St. Gobnait…….Patron saint of bees and beekeepers

Gobnait is said to have been born in Co Clare. In her youth she went to the Aran Islands to study monastic life with St Enda. There is a church dedicated to her, Kilgobnet, on Inisheer. An angel told her that this was not to be the place of “her resurrection” (her death) and that she should tour Ireland until she found a place where she found nine white deer grazing. On her travels she is said to have founded churches at Dunquin in Co Kerry and Dungarvan in Co Waterford.                                                                                                                                                                                            But it was at Ballyvourney, Co Cork, that she eventually found the nine white deer grazing. Here she founded a monastery with the help of St Abban. Famous among the miracles of Gobnait’s prayer was the stopping of a pestilence by marking off the parish as consecrated ground. She is also famed for her cultivation of bees and a story relates how she routed an enemy by loosing her bees upon them.

On the feast day masses will be celebrated and people will visit the shrine, statue and holy well and to do their rounds.

Action: Maybe its time to make a visit with family and friends to Ballyvourney to make the rounds!

Protect and feed the bees in your window box, garden, parish/community garden? Check out the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.  Get to know the Tralee Bee Highway….Look at this exciting initiative, we need many highways!


14 February/Feabhra

St. Valentines Day 

“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another”. John 13:34

Action: Consider how you will show love today? Be open to receiving it too!



Monday 25 February/ Feabhra – Sunday 10 March/Máirt

Fairtrade Fortnight.

Theme: ‘Create Fairtrade invites us all to use our imagination and Create Fairtrade in our lives.’

Action: Check out FAIRTRADE and the Fairtrade Fortnight pack or find them on facebook. Highlight the FAIRTRADE Mark for the next 14 days. Join the rest of the country in creating your very own Fairtrade cotton bunting. Buy FAIRTRADE Mark coffee and tea and ask your local café/hotel/ pub to serve it too! Make your home, school, office, club, church, parish a Fairtrade place.



30 March Earth Hour  8.30-9.30pm

22 April  Earth Day