Covid-19 Update



As and from September 6th, 2021 all religious ceremonies can proceed with 50% of church capacity, regardless of the immunity status of attendees, subject to the appropriate protective measures including social distancing, face masks, hand sanitisation etc.

In relation to Baptisms, First Holy Communions and Confirmations we recommend the following:-

Baptisms – Continue to keep numbers attending Baptisms limited to immediate family members, (including Godparents and Grandparents).

First Holy Communion & Confirmation – Limit the numbers attending to immediate family only, namely, parents and siblings of the child and in the case of Confirmations, the sponsor of the child.

The Government hopes to be in a position to announce the lifting of the majority of the public health restrictions on October 22nd, 2021, subject to the prevailing health advice.  The above recommendations will be reviewed at that time should there be a further easing of the public health restrictions

Diocesan Covid Support Team

September 2nd, 2021