Celebrating Mothers’ Day


Today we give thanks for and pray for our mothers….and all mothers. We remember the gift of their presence in our lives, the way they loved us, the values they held dearly, their forgiveness and their kindness. A mother’s love is a hint of the extent of God’s love for each one of us. We give thanks for our mothers…and all those who mothered us during our lives.

If this day brings joy to some, it brings pain to others. For those who are orphaned, for those estranged from their mothers, for those who never knew their mothers, today is a reminder of that loss.

For some people this is their first time celebrating Mothers’ Day since their mothers have died. May they rest in peace.


  • We pray for all mothers
  • We pray for mothers who have experienced the heartbreak of losing a child through miscarriage, still birth, accident, illness….
  • We pray for mothers bearing the responsibility of parenthood alone
  • We pray for those denied the joy of motherhood
  • We pray for those who search for their natural mothers
  • We pray for all who are sad today because their mothers are no longer with them – may they enjoy eternal happiness with you…..

Loving God,
we thank you for the love of the mothers you have given us,
whose love is so precious that it can never be measured,
whose patience seems to have no end. 
May we see your loving hand behind them and guiding them.
We pray for those mothers who fear they will run out of love
or time, or patience.
We ask you to bless them with your unfailing patient love.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our brother.


Loving God,
as a mother gives life and nourishment to her children,
so you nurture and care for your people. 

Bless all mothers,
that they may be witnesses of love and forgiveness for their children. 

Grant that we, their sons and daughters,
may honour them always
and learn from their selflessness.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.