John Henry Newman Fr Jim Sheehy

 Fr Jim Sheehy on John Henry Newman in two talks delivered in Dingle recently.

Newman – Scholar and Saint

 Who is John Henry Newman?


As a brief prelude to this evening’s talk I would like to explain that I was first introduced to John Henry Newman some 50 years ago when shortly after Ordination I happened to be rummaging, as one does, through some books left on a shelf of an attic room in the presbytery of my first appointment.  Among the books my attention was drawn to a copy of Newman’s:   Apologia Pro Vita Sua, telling his faith story which after many years of searching eventually led him to the Catholic Church.  Strange enough, on reading the book, it wasn’t the theological or spiritual content  that attracted me at the time, but  the clarity of his thought and expression in which, for me, the honesty and integrity of the man shone through and that spurred me on to read more.  So I thought that Newman’s faith story as it unfolded in his Apologia would be an appropriate Subject for this evening’s talk; as I pose and seek to answer the question: Who is John Henry Newman?

Newman Scholar and Saint Fr Jim Sheehy Oct 1st 19

Newman and the Laity Lecture 2 Oct 7th 19