Changing Mass Times in the Killarney Pastoral Area

There are changes to the Mass times in the Parishes of Firies, Fossa, Glenflesk, Kilcummin and Killarney

 Why do we need to change the Mass Times? The Killarney Pastoral Area comprises of the parishes of Firies, Fossa, Glenflesk, Kilcummin and Killarney. Up to recently each parish was somewhat self-sufficient regarding Masses, as each parish had its own resident priest. But you will be aware that after the clerical changes during the summer, we are now one priest less, and that has put considerable strain on the celebration of weekend Masses. We have only been able to manage so far thanks to the generosity of the retired priests, but it would be deeply unfair to ask their sustained support to continue the current weekend Mass schedule. At present we have 19 weekend Masses in the Pastoral Area, but allowing one priest to be away for sickness, pilgrimage, annual leave etc, this cannot be sustained by the 6 priests now in the pastoral area. In looking at Mass times, the priests have looked at this themselves, they have met with the local parish pastoral council in each parish, and they have met with the area pastoral council which has representatives from each parish.

Our hope is for:

  1. a weekend Mass in each Church in the pastoral area;
  2. a Saturday Vigil Mass and a Sunday morning Mass in each parish;
  3. a schedule that is workable for the current number of priests, with the distances to be travelled safely between Churches.

The Proposed Mass Schedule for the Killarney Pastoral Area Having looked at it over the last 2 months, we propose the following weekend Mass-times:

Firies Parish: Sat 7.30pm in Firies Church & Sun 10am in Ballyhar Church

Fossa Parish: Sat 7.30pm & Sun 10am

Glenflesk Parish: Sat 6pm Glenflesk Church, Sun 9.30am in Clonkeen Church & Sun 11am in Barraduff Church

Kilcummin Parish: Sat 7.30pm & Sun 11.30am

Killarney Parish: St Mary’s Cathedral Sat 6.15pm , Sun 8am, 10.30am & 12noon. Muckross Church Sun 9.30am, Church of the Resurrection Sun 11am.

Franciscan Friary in Killarney: Sat 7pm, Sun 8.30am, 10am & 11.30am (Please note that the Friars look after the Friary Masses themselves)

This new schedule will lead to 15 weekend Masses in the pastoral area. All parishes have been affected in this – with a Mass less in Firies, Fossa, Kilcummin and Killarney, and with a change of some Mass times in Fossa, Glenflesk and Kilcummin.

When will the new schedule begin? We cannot sustain the current schedule, so we propose that the changes take affect beginning on the weekend of Nov 2nd/3rd. While we are aware of the change that has happened for the priests of the area, we realise too the great change and sadness that this will mean for parishioners affected, and in this we ask for your understanding and support.

Celebrating Mass in the pastoral area: two things to bear in mind. Firstly, along with the weekend Masses we also have weekday Masses, 1st Friday Masses, Funeral Masses, Wedding Masses, 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation Masses, house Masses, school Masses, graveyard Masses, grotto Masses, Masses in the nursing homes and hospitals, etc and in all of this we give thanks to God for the celebration of the Eucharist that enriches our lives and souls. Secondly, while the changes have resulted from the reduced number of priests in the pastoral area, we strive for parishioners and priests to work together to ensure that the Masses we have will be well prepared and celebrated, with the help of parish liturgy groups and the involvement of all, in raising our hearts and lives to our loving God and Saviour.