It’s time for Lent!

Days are lengthening, spring is upon us, Lent cannot be far behind! As we awaken to the light increasing all around us, we are reminded of the One who is the light of the world. Over the coming days, we begin to think about Lent and how we will celebrate this season of prayer, fasting and alms-giving. Perhaps the first question to ask ourselves is what we are hoping for during Lent?….am I hoping to be more Christian to those around me? is it an awareness of the injustice of our world? am I drawn to a new way of praying as a family? What is I am really looking for, asking God, during these special weeks????

As you begin your preparations, you might like to consider some of the following resources:

   Journeying through Lent    Journeying through Lent

This is Prayer Booklet for each person to use during Lent. Each day invites us to pray for a different gift, e.g. opening our hearts, standing in solidarity with those who are suffering, becoming people of compassion, listening to God’s word of life….. The elements of the days are built around a reflection, an invitation and a moment of prayer.

  • Available in your local church from Sunday March 3rd in preparation for Ash Wednesday March 6th – pray with it at home, at work, in your classroom.
  • Available online to download onto your phone or tablet.
  • LENTEN BOOKLET 2019 – Web Click here to download.

Opening our Hearts Lent 2019Family Resource for Lent – Opening our Hearts to God

This is an invitation to families to gather each week during Lent and select one of two proposed prayer activities. The format of the prayer is presented on the inside cover. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, each subsequent week follows the theme of the Sunday Gospel.  After each time of shared prayer, one member of the family could write a few words describing the prayer experience. At Easter the family can reread what has been written to remember their Lenten family journey of opening their hearts to God.

Take home this booklet from your parish or download it here Opening our Hearts Lent 2019.


  • Lenten Programme 2019

From the first days of Lent until the final week, there are different talks or initiatives taking place throughout the diocese. These are an opportunity to hear a fresh thought on faith or hear a different perspective on what it means to follow Christ today. Draw people’s attention to these opportunities. Lenten Brochure 2019