Hugh O Flaherty Schools Literary Competition

A Humanitarian’s Point of View

(Laura Looney – St Brigid’s Secondary School – Transition Year)


Life and the world are one big bubble

That can be mixed with hardship, strife and trouble

There’re people on earth who look to the skies

Picturing of a place where they can make things right


Some humanitarians can be famous and well known

But you might have missed the humanitarians at home

They want to make human life a better place

Or try change the world in a little way


Anyone could Contribute and try their best

They can come out on top when put to the test

But some people will stand back and leave others take the floor

While with those actions, your inactions can speak for even more


You see, humanitarianism is “the promotion of human welfare”

But many people might not even care

So, you can move on with life, and live as you please

While those who made an effort, it’s the memories they will leave


The traits of a humanitarian, in their moral role

Considerate, charitable, generous and more

What they would try for people’s lives, is to fix any holes

And all their selfless actions, wouldn’t be any chore


So, get up, get out and look at what you do

Because you never know if you see life

From a humanitarian’s point of view






At a special ceremony in Killarney Library during the week, Prizes were presented to the winning entrants in the 2018 Hugh O’Flaherty Schools Literary Competition, under a number of categories.


Winning 2nd Level Schools Poetry (Poem Attached):


·         Laura Looney, Transition Year, St Brigid’s Killarney.


Winning Primary Schools 5th/6th Class Essay – Shared between:


·         Ciara O’Sullivan, 6th Class Holy Cross Mercy, Killarney

·         Brayden Slattery, 6th Class The Monastery, Killarney

·         Conor O’Grady, 6th Class The Monastery, Killarney


Winning Best Primary Schools Collective Entries:


·         6th Class The Monastery, Killarney.



Once again, this year the Adjudicators were most impressed by the quality of thought, research, argument and proposals made throughout the various entries. In their summing up, they said:


“The pupils addressed the ‘HERO’ aspect with diverse tribute in their essays, presented for this competition. The varying approaches and responses are truly heart-warming from these young pupils. Their personalities focused on their interpretation of such a tribute to their local hero”.


“In this, individualism was most apparent. Some drew a very strong comparison of worldwide in-action today in areas of war, famine, homelessness, inequality, refugees etc. Where is our 2018 Monsignor Hugh? Most entrants displayed a wish that Monsignor Hugh’s legacy of humanity, courage, care, intelligence, energy, selflessness and enormous forgiveness will forever inspire more heroes to follow with a stride on a road of Heroic Mission”.


“Congratulations to you all and most especially to your teachers who saw the value in participating in this exercise with pride and congratulate you all on the quality and style of the writing contained in your entries”.


The Prizes were presented by Paul Sherry, Vice President Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce, who said, “Killarney Chamber is delighted to support and be associated with this event and with its aims through each year’s body of young students, to sustain the humanitarian message of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty for the future generations”.