Rest in Peace Emma Mhic Mhathúna Aifreann Ceiliúrtha

Baile na nGall

1981 – 2018

Teampall Láithreach Brúin

Maigh Nuad    

9ú Deire Fomhair 2018                                           

PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL from Emma’s Funeral Mass

1. Lord, you raised the dead to life. We ask you to give eternal life to our sister, Emma, and welcome her to the glory of your heavenly home.

2. We pray for Natasha, Seamus, Mario, Oisín and Donncha, her father, Peter and her other relatives and friends. We ask you to give them faith and hope in eternal life and respite from their suffering and immeasurable loss of their wonderful mother.                                                                                         3. Emma lit a flame of hope in our country. She encouraged others to have respect for our Irish culture, our sense of decency, our great national traditions. We pray that our young people will follow her shining example.                                                                        

 4. We pray for the sick and those who are suffering from the sorrows of life. Grant that God will give them strength, courage and consolation and that they be helped by the Christian spirit of others.

5. We pray for peace; peace in our hearts, in our homes, in our land and throughout the world, especially in countries which are at war and where hunger and want is so common.                                                                     

6. We thank God for our Christian heritage, our beautiful environment which Emma so dearly loved. Help our present generation to have respect and love for our country that they may leave it a better place into the future. We pray that the spirit of neighbourliness will always flourish and that we can always be there for one another in times of grief and in times of joy.                                                                                                                          

 7. The people of Ireland are deeply grateful for and appreciative of the exceptional bravery of Emma in her battle with illness. Through her bravery, she has left us with remarkable inspiration to bring about a better society in Ireland, a society of justice for all.

‘When I have moved beyond you in the adventure of life,                                                                                               

 Gather in some pleasant place and there remember me

With spoken words, old and new.

Let a tear if you will, but let a smile come quickly

For I have loved the laughter of life.

Do not linger too long with your solemnities.

Go eat and talk, and when you can;

Follow a woodland trail, climb a high mountain,

Walk along the wild seashore,

Chew the thoughts of some book

Which challenges your soul.

Use your hands some bright day

To make a thing of beauty

Or to lift someone’s heavy load.

Though you mention not my name,

Though no thought of me crosses your mind,

I shall be with you,

For these have been the realities of my life for me.

And when you face some crisis with anguish.

When you walk alone with courage,

When you choose your path of right,

I shall be very close to you.

I have followed the valleys,

I have climbed the heights of life’