Grow in Love In-Service

In-service for Fifth and Sixth Class Primary Teachers in the new Religious Education programme Grow in Love is taking place at various venues throughout the diocese.  A Guest speaker at the training is Dr. Daniel O’Connell, lecturer in Religious Education Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. Feedback from the participating teachers is positive:

“This day has been an excellent introduction for me to the Grow in Love programme.  I will enjoy teaching it and I know my class will enjoy it.  It is very child-centred and rooted in our faith emphasising the holistic development of each child entrusted to us.”

“It inspired me in my own faith and refreshed me in my enthusiasm for the teaching of Religious Education.  It was a fantastic day.”

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“Before today I felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content in the programme.  Now I feel enthusiastic, confident and well equipped to engage more fully with the Grow in Love programme.”

“Today got me to reflect and think about my attitude to teaching Religious Education.  I particularly liked the focus on God’s unconditional love for us.  I am glad to have attended as I now know how to navigate the programme.  The presentations were excellent. Thanks!”

“We got excellent insights into teaching religion in class.  It was good to see plenty resources available online and how useful they are for both pupil and teacher.  A wonderful day!”

“Great ideas!  Better understanding of the approach used in the programme and where to find resources. It was excellently delivered, clear and concise.  Dan O’Connell stretched my mind, my understanding and my faith. Excellent in-service.”

“Helped us question our own belief, making us rethink our image of God, rethink our teaching time and ensuring we lead by faith.   I will ensure the children in my class will have a good experiences of the faith.”