Training for Transformation

The Institute of Pastoral Studies is providing an opportunity for people involved in ministry. Drawing on the work of Paulo Freire, Training for Transformation offers people an experience of reflection and skill development for use in pastoral ministry and community development.

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Course Content

This Training for Transformation programme (TfT) focuses on key pastoral skills required in responding to the challenges of Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel. It takes as its starting point Francis’ vision for God’s Kingdom, his read of the current social realities and the challenge for the Church in seeking to transform those realities.

Core skills required:

  • Building teams of people to engage in mission
  • Identifying felt needs in the community
  • Discerning God’s call in the light of those needs
  • Developing innovative responses that connect with people.

Key elements in the programme include:

  1. Group skills – how to build a team, facilitate a group and resolve conflicts
  2. Community engagement – how to apply Paulo Freire’s psycho-social method for identifying community needs and opportunities for mission
  3. Discernment – how to listen to God in the midst
  4. Innovative practice – how to try new approaches using ‘trial and error’ approach
  5. Participation – how to plan and act as a team

TfT is an applied programme – the methodology used throughout the week involves learning through group practice and peer feedback.