Amoris Parish Programme

Martin Kennedy presented training  on the Amoris Parish Programme last night to representatives from diverse parishes and Ardefert retreat centre. This programme will be offered as part of the ongoing reflection and conversation on family life ahead of the World Meeting of Families. Martin, one of the national coordinators of the Amoris programme, gave an overview of how family is the key value in our society across the population. Pope Francis’ vision is explored in the Amoris programme through various methods. In it there is a constant theme of compassion, forgiveness and hope, calling forth the best in us in living what we believe. It is real in acknowledging the challenges faced in family and marriage. Yet the Pope’s pervasive message is that the Gospel of the Family is a joy for the world.

Participants at the training found the experience left them with a sense of enthusiasm. They felt encouraged to share this programme in their parishes, and were heartened with the welcoming, respectful process.

Watch this space for dates and details of when and where the Amoris programme will be offered across the diocese.