First Communion


Is a parish based programme supporting parents/guardians with a child preparing for First Holy Communion.

  •  It highlights the importance of the Saturday evening/Sunday Mass as a celebration where we gather, are nourished by the Word of God and the Bread of Life, and are sent out to live the Gospel.
  •  It offers activities and resources for both parents/guardians and children to continue their preparation at home, mainly through the ‘Grapevine’ Newsletter.
  •  It offers the children the opportunity to engage in a special way in the Mass on these designated Sundays.
  •  It is a resource to parish communities to assist them in the preparation of children for First Holy Communion. It complements the school-based work in the context of the parish at worship together.
  •  It emphasises that the preparation of the children is the responsibility of the home, parish and parish.“The home should be the first church which children know, and in which they are reminded of God and helped to pray by what they see around them. Parents are the first religion teachers and the most important of all teachers of religion.” {Handing on the Faith in the Home 1980, number 4)
  •  First Holy Communion Enrolment Ceremony