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September/Meán Fomhair

Praise be to you my lord through our Sister, Mother earth.LS1

1st September ~ 30 September: TIME for CREATION…Am Cruthaithe  in the Diocese of Kerry
Creation Time, which is celebrated every year by churches throughout the world, is a great opportunity for all Christians to reflect on the wonder and mystery of Creation and to choose better ways to relate to Creation, ways that reflect God’s ways of justice and peace, by praying for and working for the protection of God’s creation and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

This year in our Diocese we are focusing on ‘Cherishing God’s Gift of Food’ and exploring ways to reduce food waste in our homes.




Have you seen the leaflets?  Cherishing God’s Gift of Food, or Gabh buíochas le Dia as tabhartas an bídh drawing, as last year, on Laudato Si’…On Care for Our Common Home (Pope Francis)


1 September/ Meán Fomhair

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

“We invite all to assume a respectful and responsible attitude towards Creation…. we also appeal, to all who occupy influential roles, to listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor, who suffer most from ecological imbalances.” Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew 2017

Action: Join in the prayer and reflection in Tralee Town Park at 6.45pm (Meet near the fountain) or in your parish.

Consider answering Pope Francis’ urgent call in Laudato Si’, and pledge to:

1) Pray for and with creation 2) Live more simply and  3) Advocate to protect our common home.

Explore these excellent resources from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Note: September 1st also marks the end of Hajj (Muslim) with the Festival of Eid Ul –Adha.


12 September/ Meán Fomhair: Reducing Food Waste and Composting.. Some Simple Ways  with Donal O’Leary. 8pm in  John Paul 11 Centre, Killarney. Please register 064 -663244 or

“Everything in the world is connected. Caring for eco-systems demands far-sightedness”. Pope Francis,Laudato Si’.

Action: Consider attending to find out how you can help to reduce food ways in your home or school.


20th September/ Meán Fomhair

Rosh Hashanah

A  Jewish holiday commonly referred to as the “Jewish New Year.”.

Action: Wish the traditional Hebrew greeting for Rosh Hashanah  “shana tova”, for “a good year,” or “shana tova umetukah” for “a good and sweet year.” Pray for the Jewish community in Ireland.


21st  September/ Meán Fomhair

UN International Day of Peace- World Peace Day

The day is dedicated to peace, and specifically the absence of war, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone. The World Peace Day was declared by the United Nations (UN) in 1981

Action: Try to make your day a day of prayer and action for peace by contributing in a peaceful way to all you do this day.


22 September/Meán Fomhair

Culture night across Ireland.

Action: Celebrate our amazing and diverse culture. Find a free event near you


23 September/Meán Fomhair

Tralee Food Festival

Action: Support the many and varied food events around Tralee. eg  visit the Transition Kerry tent in the Square  and taste freshly pressed apple juice and learn about ways  to transition to a more sustainable community in the area of food, energy, transport…


26th September/Meán Fomhair

Information Evening on Renewable Energy

Organised by  Kerry Renewable Energy Cooperative in Tralee Library from 6.30pm  (free)

Action: Learn how to get a warmer home, lower energy bills by the use of renewable energy.Live Laudato Si’.


27th September/Meán Fomhair

Feast of St. Vincent de Paul

“It is only because of your love-only your love- that the poor will forgive you the bread that you give them”   St. Vincent de Paul.

Action: Can you share time, clothes, furniture etc with the St. Vincent de Paul Society?


28 September/ Meán Fomhair 

Being Creative with Leftovers.Cookery Demonstation with Mark Doe 

St. Brendan’s Parish Centre, Tralee at 8pm. Please register:  064-663244 or

“Approximately a third of all food produced is discarded…whenever food is thrown out it is as it were stolen from the table of the poor.” Pope Francis in Laudato Si’.

Action: Register and come along.This is one practical way to live Laudato Si’.


30th September/Meán Fomhair
Yom Kipur: Day of Atonement -the most solemn day of the Jewish year.
Action: Pray for peace in the Holy Land.