Friary Concert of Gratitude

Next Friday night the Friary in Killarney will be the venue for The Canticle of Creation Concert of Gratitude at 7 pm. The composer of this new composition is Vincent Kennedy and the work will be performed by  Marina Cassidy, Soprano and Harpist from Killarney and by Vincent Kennedy playing Trumpet. Tune into Horizons this Sunday morning at 9 on Radio Kerry to hear Marina talking about the concert.

This is the first in a series of free concerts running from September to December by the Franciscan Province of Ireland.  Friaries around the country will host this thank you concert for all the people who have supported the work and ministry of the Franciscans both locally and nationally.  Franciscan hearted people are invited to join in creating a hope filled world where “we bring joy where there is sadness, hope where there is despair, faith where there is doubt”. The concerts will highlight the need to care and nurture all of creation.  The Canticle is a hymn of praise that inspired Pope Francis in his second encyclical ‘Laudato si’ which he wrote on June 18, 2015.

Introduction to The Canticle Of CreationIMG_0258

The “Canticle of Creation” is a song of praise written by Francis of Assisi as he approached death midst illness and disability. As the Franciscan poet Murray Bodo has written, as Francis’ turning to God unfolded and he was gripped by the fact of the Incarnation, nature became holy for him. He was enthralled by God’s presence in the created order.

Francis calls out to all of creation as brother and sister, revealing the core of the Franciscan worldview: that God is the source of all being; that the Creator God is the Parent; that all creatures therefore are brother and sister to one another; that everything deserves love and respect.

Francis saw God in everything and so do we. We look upon the earth with humility and with an open and grateful heart, aware of the divine goodness in all things.

Upcoming Concerts:

Friday 15th September in Killarney

Thursday 28th September in Adam & Eve’s, Dublin

Thursday 5th October in Cork

Thursday 19th October in Galway

Sunday 22nd October in Rossnowlagh, Donegal

Friday 10th November in Athlone

Thursday 16th November in Ennis

Thursday 14th December in Clonmel