Calling all returned Lay Missionaries and Volunteers

Have you ever worked overseas as a volunteer or lay missionary in Africa, Asia or South America?

A gathering will take place

on Wednesday, Sep 13th @ 7.30 p.m.

in the John Paul 11 Pastoral Centre, Rock Rd, Killarney.  

The purpose of this gathering/meeting is to

  • meet up with people of like mind who have had a unique experiences working overseas in Africa, South America, Asia-Pacific and Australia;
  • discuss issues of mutual concern;
  • explore ways in which to contribute in a positive way to existing activities in parishes/diocese, the community etc.
  • support those who return from working overseas etc.
  • and to explore other ideas

I have already set up 6 diocesan lay mission/volunteer groups in other parts of the county including Letterkenny, Derry, Belfast, Dublin, Naas, Thurles which meet on a regular basis.  As well as the social aspect of these meetings, the groups have begun to explore a number of initiatives using their skills & talents from oversea

For more info email or phone/text 083 8422468 to confirm attendance.